Hi! We're the team behind Crowd Testing.

We're developers, designers, project managers...

  • Carlos Yakimov

  • Jose Miguel Aguilar

  • Marcel Bontas

  • Krikor Krikorian

... but more importantly, we’re passionate software testers.

  • Simon Papineau

  • Kevin Helias

  • Glib Lakeev

  • Gilberto Rengifo

  • Eric Bissonnette

  • Jeff Fogel

  • Patrick Wright

  • Steve Spencer

What we do

  • Crowdsourced testing

  • Outsourced testing

  • Testing tools

Our story

  1. 2011

    "If only there was a way we could have access to a large group of software expert testers available anytime"

    In 2011, after having experienced problems associated with quality assurance testing for 8 years within several companies, Simon Papineau began to wonder what would be the solution to this problem.

    He then started exploring the notion of how crowdsourcing could be leveraged to fasten and facilitate software testing. However, it quickly became clear that crowdsourcing on its own contained a large number of pitfalls that made it inefficient.

    That is how Simon decided to create a model that would be a hybrid of a traditional software testing company and a crowdsourcing platform.

  2. 2012

    Start-up Chile

    In November 2012, Crowdsourced Testing was selected from more than 1,300 applications to participate in Start Up Chile, a program of the Chilean Government to attract world-class early stage entrepreneurs.

    During six months, Crowdsourced Testing made its first steps within the “Chilecon Valley”. Simon and his team dedicated themselves to develop a crowdsourcing platform covering all the aspects of software testing.

    Their passion, perseverance and determination allowed them to create a powerful tool that immediately proved his success by attracting some strategic markets in North America, Latin America and Europe.

  3. 2013


    In April 2013, Crowdsourced Testing was invited to join Wayra, Telefonica’s global accelerator program.

    Today, Telefonica's team and network of mentors provides Crowdsourced Testing with excellent management counsel, technological support and access to a worldwide network of successful entrepreneurs and technology experts.

    In July 2013, Rackspace invited Crowdsourced Testing to join its 24k Startup program.

    In August 2013, Crowdsourced Testing joined Tech Wildcatters' Globe Start, a three-week entrepreneurial expedition in Dallas, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Simon and his team had the opportunity to make great and meaningful connections in the US startup ecosystem.

    In September 2013, Crowdsourced Testing was selected to be a part of the Canadian Technology Accelerator in New York city.

  4. 2014

    Lean Testing

    In 2014, we published our first SaaS product, Lean Testing. Its success was immediate and hundreds of software development companies adopted the tool within a few months.

  5. 2015

    Software Testing World Cup

    In 2015 we sponsored the Software Testing World cup and acquired several new international clients to our roaster.

    Today, we get to work with some of the world's leading brands on making sure that their users are 200% happy with their digital experiences and we couldn't be happier.

We’re based in Montreal, Canada and Santiago, Chile.

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